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Fibonacci Retracement Analysis 09.11.2021 EURUSD, USDJPY

EURUSD, Euro vs US DollarOn D1, the quotations are demonstrating another attempt to test 50.0 1.1493 Fibo in a longterm bearish phase. Also note that a local divergence is forming on the MACD, which might hint on a shortterm pullback. When it is over, another wave of decline will head for not only 50.0 1.1493 but also 61.8 1.1290.On H4, one can see potential goals of the ascending correction after a local convergence on the MACD. Now the quotations have risen to 23.6, and later they can reach 38.2 1.1664 and 50.0 1.1711 Fibo. A breakaway of the low at 1.1513 will signal about the continuation of the downtrend.USDJPY, US Dollar vs Japanese YenOn D1, there is a downward movement beginning after a divergence. Potential goals of the mediumterm decline are 23.6 111.85, 38.2 110.07, and 50.0 108.64 Fibo. The main resistance is at the high of 114.70.On H4, there is a correctional decline to the last wave of growth. By now, the quotations have come over 23.6 and are aiming at 38.2 112.56 Fibo. After coming over this level, the decline might continue to 50.0 111.90 and 61.8 111.25. The key mediumterm support is 109.11.

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