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Murrey Math Lines 05.08.2021 USDCHF, XAUUSD

05.08.2021USDCHF, US Dollar vs Swiss FrancOn H4, the quotations have escaped the oversold area and are trading above 18. We currently expect them to test the resistance level of 28, break through it, and then grow to 38. The scenario can be cancelled by a breakaway of 18 downwards. In this case, the quotations will resume falling, and the price might return to 08.On M15, the upper border of VoltyChannel is broken away, which increases the chances for further growth of the price.XAUUSD, Gold vs US DollarOn H4, the quotations keep trading in a consolidation range between 38 and 58. Yesterday they broke through the support level of 48 downwards. This makes falling to 38 highly probable. The scenario can be cancelled by a breakaway of 48 upwards, which will bring the quotations to the resistance level of 58.On M15, a breakaway of the lower border of VoltyChannel will support further falling.Back to listAttention!Forecasts presented in this section only reflect the authors private opinion and should not be considered as guidance for trading. RoboForex bears no responsibility for trading results based on trading recommendations described in these analytical reviews.

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